Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gardening - Pinterest style

I saw this pin and thought what a wonderful way to garden....

I showed this to my husband and we created our own version this past weekend. It made it especially nice as we are experiencing a very mild January...enjoying 70's on Sunday. The cost of materials was under $50. I had some bulbs in the freezer so hopefully come March/April, I will be snipping some beautiful tulips for vases throughout the house and to share with friends.

After the bulbs have bloomed, I plan on planting lots of lettuce and herbs. Being attached to the side of the shed will hopefully discourage Peter Rabbit (who lives under our shed) from partaking in eating my garden, as he's known to do. :)

Rice Krispies with cake flour

Here's the pic that made me want to make Rice Krispy treats....we have no little ones at home, just me and hubby....who is somewhat like a child when it comes to desserts....but they looked fun, easy and tasty!  Who says you have to have little ones to make RKT's...:)

My version: I did chocolate sprinkles instead of colored sprinkles.....and I made them in my lasagna/brownie pan so they'd be cut automatically. They were so much moister and tastier! Will definitely do these again!